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Telechron Rotor Repair


We are one of very few clock repair shops that offer rotor repair.  We own specialized tools and can rebuild your rotor back to working order. Please contact us for an estimate for your rotor repair.

Telechron rotors were developed by Mr. Henry Warren. Much has been written about Mr. Warren and his many inventions. His one invention that has impacted us all was the invention of the synchronous clock motor. We all have or have had an electric clock in our homes. Mr. Warren and his motor were responsible for the reliability of these electric clocks. Unfortunately Telechron stopped producing rotors (the geared part of the motor) in the mid 1990’s.

Bowen Clock Service has become an heir to Mr. Warren’s genius, and acquired all of the records and equipment related to the manufacture of the Telechron rotor. We have used this information to develop repair techniques that can bring the old, worn out rotor that powers your Telechron, GE or Revere clock back to life.

Many repair shops may drill a hole in your rotor and fill it with oil to see if it can be made to work. This technique may work for a short period of time but will surely not bring the rotor back to the power it formerly had, it may not make the rotor run quietly, and it will not last. The right way to restore this rotor is to remove its movement from its case, take it completely apart and rebuild it. This is the process we follow holding to the Telechron specs of 0.0002 of an inch. Your rotor will operate as quiet as the day it was new with power to spare.